Robert L Ferry – Solicitor – Gosford office

Robert L Ferry has been a solicitor on the Central Coast for over 40 years, with his own practice in Mann Street Gosford since 1991.

Bob’s experience means that he can advise clients on their realistic chances of success with any legal matter. In particular, he can be that voice of reason and objective independence when a legal situation is emotionally charged. This is often the case with family law, litigation (to ‘sue’ another person or a company) or family disputes over a will. His aim is always to achieve the best result for his clients.

Bob can advise clients on all legal matters, including property law, commercial law, family law, wills and estates, criminal law and litigation. He also represents clients in court.

As well as being a family-friendly solicitor in Gosford, Bob is heavily involved in community activities including sporting and youth organisations and clubs.

Roelof J Stols – Solicitor – Gosford office

Roelof has the advantage of multi-jurisdictional experience obtained in South Africa, Queensland and now in New South Wales. He graduated with a dual degree in commerce and law. He was first admitted as a solicitor 1989 practising successfully as a lawyer in the fields of commercial-, corporate-, property- and solvency law. Bringing with him his vast experience in commercial- and civil litigation, he made Australia his home in 2008.

With nearly thirty years practical experience in the legal profession his vast legal knowledge, passion for the law and search for the best commercial and financial outcomes enable him assist clients effectively with patience and understanding.

Roelof currently heads our commercial property and business transactions team providing advice on Property law and Conveyancing, Commercial and Civil Litigation and Corporate and Solvency matters. He will gladly use his knowledge to your advantage in setting up the best structure for and the purchase or sale of your business. He can give you lease advice and or draw your commercial- or retail lease to your requirements and assist you with finance law, asset protection and security.

He acts for corporations big and small, partnerships, individual traders and individuals making the law accessible and easy to understand to all, in an efficient way where you understand what is happening each step of the way.